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Scroll Series Large

from $17.17
Some design advice...Our design recommendation is to limit the use of the scroll to no more than 15%-25% of your pattern; that is, an "every fourth," "every fifth," or even "every sixth" piece in your pattern.  The old adage of "less is more"...

Tuscany Hammered Sphere Scroll

from $12.18
Length and Width44" length x 9/16" square hammered bar, produced from tubular carbon rolled steel, net weight: 4.5 Lbs. All metal balusters come in a standard length of 44", and are designed to be cut easily on the job site. Typically...

Scroll Series Short

from $15.59
This short decorative scroll can be placed on knee-wall applications, which require a shorter baluster height. This can be mixed with the larger S Scroll was well, and will compliment one another.

Scroll Series Heart

from $18.38
Decorative heart scroll. Check out our photo gallery to see examples of this product being used.

Nautilus Scroll

from $13.37
The SC04 Nautilus scroll gives a contemporary look and does well with products in the versatile series. All finishes are powder coated.

Butterfly with leaves

from $14.40
The Butterfly Scroll (T-5) is a scroll piece part of the twist and basket series. It features decorative leaves on the sides of the item, and is a great change from the typical S-shaped scroll. Install this piece in line with something from the versatile...

Dragonfly Scroll

from $12.84
The Dragonfly scrolls features two twists that match the twist and baskets.