Single Basket LITE Vintage Copper

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ONLY available in VINTAGE COPPER finish. This bar will ONLY match the versatile straight bar.

Discontinued Products
This product is being replaced with a new series, and we will only carry them while supplies last. A very limited amount available. All discontinued items are non-returnable. These are brand new condition without any defects.

Length and Width
44" Length x 1/2" square, Carbon Rolled tube steel, Net Weight: 1.8Lbs. 
All metal balusters come in a standard length of 44", and are designed 
to be cut easily on the job site. Typically they are cut from the bottom 
only. For information on installing, click here.

The single basket double twist iron baluster is manufactured from carbon rolled tube steel. 
It is typically used in a pattern with the single twist, double twist, or double basket. You can also use this product with the versatile series as well as any member of the scroll series (SC). All finishes are a powder coated finish that are electrostatically applied and then fully cured under heat. This process ensures a finish that is harder than conventional liquid finishes. Iron balusters usually must pass the 4 inch spacing rule. A 4" sphere cannot pass through any portion of the balustrade. For more 
check this out


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