S-2 Flat Shoes (1/2")

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Shoes are typically necessary for a remodel or new construction project.  The top end of the baluster had a rounded dowel tip that easily glides into the round pre-drilled hole on the underside of your handrail.  However, the balusters are squared-off at the bottom end.  If you put a square baluster into a round pre-drilled hole in the stair tread and/or balcony, you end up with a "gap" on each side of the baluster.  The purpose of the shoe is to decoratively cover up that gap, and also cover any unsightly scarring of the wood from removing previous balusters.  The shoe is typically used just at the bottoms of the balusters, however, many customers also appreciate the symmetry created by using a shoe at the top of the baluster as well.  The shoe(s) give the baluster a completed look.



For shoes sold with our solid baluster finishes (Satin Black, Black Bronze, Vintage Copper, and Textured Bronze), the outside diameter of the flat S-2 shoe is 1-9/16".  For shoes sold with our tubular baluster finishes (Smooth Black, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Oil-Rubbed Copper, Copper Vein, Silver Vein, Ash Grey) the outside diameter of the flat S-2 shoe is 1-5/16".  Inside hole diameter is 1/2", to be used with any 1/2" non-hammered series baluster, such as Twist and Basket Series, Versatile Series, Scroll Series, Ribbon Series.




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Keeley Baker 15th Jun 2016

High Quality Best Price

Product cane exactly as described. This company has gone above and beyond in their customer service, backing their products, and offering the best product at the best price! Can't say enough good things. Highly recommend, would definitely purchase from again! I'm an out of state customer and they made me feel confident in my purchase choice and they were right! Matt and Jody are very knowledgeable and always make sure the customers is taken care of! I really appreciate that!

Joseph Thompson 5th Mar 2016

S-2 Flat Shoes

The products I bought were to match a previous purchase, but unfortunately the footprint size has been reduced; nevertheless, the price cannot be faulted, and so I used them in an unrelated location. Delivery was quick, I would order again. Edit from Lighted Landings, Joseph, I am sorry for the troubles, we actually carry two different sized shoes, one being smaller, which is what was ordered. The larger footprint really is nice, but most customers unknowingly ordered this and found it would not fit properly under the handrail. We would like to offer a discount for your next purchase to offset the troubles you have experienced.

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