Tuscany Hammered Straight Bar

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Length and Width
44" length x 9/16" square hammered bar, produced from tubular carbon rolled steel, net weight: 2.5 Lbs. All metal balusters come in a standard length of 44", and are designed to be cut easily on the job site. Typically, they are cut from the bottom only.  All tubular metal balusters are manufactured from carbon rolled steel, which gives them a superior load-bearing strength.  They will not bend or break guaranteed.  Iron balusters must pass the 4-inch spacing rule.  A 4" sphere cannot pass through any portion of the balustrade or baluster portion of your staircase. For more details, check this out.  For information on installing, click here.

The Tuscany forged hammered baluster is a great looking, simplified piece.  The simple design is a great addition to patterns for Tuscany and Old-World style homes. This baluster goes well with the single and double spheres, the single and double diamond, as well as the single and double urn.  Keep in mind that by adding a simpler piece into your pattern, you are creating a visually asthetically-appealing pattern for your bulustrade, as well as helping out your bottom line cost of the project.



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