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Length and Width
44" Length x 1/2" Square, Carbon Rolled Steel, Net Weight: 2 Lbs. All metal balusters come in a standard length of 44", and are designed to be cut easily on the job site. Typically they are cut from the bottom only. For information on installing, click here.  Iron balusters usually must pass the 4 inch spacing rule.  A 4" sphere cannot pass through any portion of the balustrade. For more details, check this out.

The single ribbon iron baluster is manufactured from carbon rolled steel.  It is typically used with other balusters within the Ribbon Series, such as the Double Ribbon (R-2), Single Butterfly (R-3), Double Butterfly (R-4), or even the Single Basket (R-5) and Double Basket (R-6).  Scroll Series balusters also incorporate well into a pattern using the Ribbon Series. 

The Ribbon pieces are similar in nature to the Twist and Basket Series pieces, but the width and texture of the twisted/ribbon section is wider in width, with more intricate texture to the Ribbon portion.  However, the straighter square portion of the two series' balusters are very much the same, being plain 1/2" diameter, with no hammering effect.


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