Happy Labor Day Sale.

Thanks to everyone for your business. We hope all of you have a wonderful weekend. We have been thru alot of great times because of customers just like you. Who find us, shop, and find that we really do care. We will not just sell you a stair part, but also the experience we have of helping you shop. Alot of customers we have had in the past recently started purchasing their wood stair parts, as well as metal balusters. We have had alot of new experiences trying to "iron" out the website, marketing, as well as continued business with suppliers and vendors. As I am typing this post my son Roman has decided he does not like 

We continue to recieve alot of business from custom home builders, as well as stair installers, and general contractors. We also love working with home owners that would like to tackle the job themselves. We will make product recommendations to you, offer our advice on installations, and we will be honest with you. We will make sure you are happy with your purchase, and that is the goal. Because if you are happy, you will certainly share our name when someone you know may need stair installation or just stair parts.

We will be running a sale this weekend. You can order online with coupon code LABORDAY and save 20 percent over the weekend. I would advice ordering online over the weekend, and if we need to, we can always change or edit the order on Tuesday when we are back in the office. If you do have problems ordering, you may call 314-304-2343.